Exploring the idea of freedom, was my solo show in 2018. This theme is the background noise of my work. It will show up periodically to search for what it means to have freedom as an individual in a world where these are either taken for granted, not given at all, controlled or taken away completely. Wars are fought for this purpose; Be it religious, to come out of oppression or to exercise the individuals' God-given right of freedom.  We are more and more introduced on the capitation of freedom in many levels; Be it the destruction of our environment, the rise of sexual oppression and connected phobias of all kind; The ignorance of freedom for the own good in the face of greed and ignorance. 

Everyday life has been made more complicated, more stressful, frustrating and filled with immense pressure. My antennas work this way, picking up on the things that are not going so great for others, for our environment or any other living being in this world. Cynics might say: "why bother?"; That it has always been like this; Maybe. But it doesn't mean that a focus can't be shifted to making things better and right for others and the world we live in. Civil decency and empathy for the world around us are two strongholds that have been trampled on and ignored over and over in the past years to many times. It might take a constant reminder for us not to lose this power which can change so much?