Brian McBride


Between 1990 and now Brian has worked as a store- and sales manager, restaurant owner, various positions in the high-end Hotel Marketing, joined sales forces in retail and organic farming and held various positions in the food industry. Raised by artists in a house full of photography, paintings, sculpture and the family inclined to the art world over four generations, gave Brian a different outlook in life early on.

Eventually, he picked up a camera began documenting his life unfolding in front of his lens. He wasn't interested so much in showing an object, a landscape, portrait for what they were, but whatever connected with the uncertain feeling within. Brian's goal has been always to search, discover and release his true self. Maybe not quite there yet; The road to happiness is not what you want to do or be rather than what you're good at, he says. With this, he invites onlookers to search for this rather simple statement within and which truth it holds for themselves.

Until 2005 various careers in the Hospitality and Retail business Travels and longer stays in Munich, Dresden, Berlin, New York, Washington, Houston, and San Francisco

2009 - Refreshing his craft in Photography at Imago-Fotokunst in Berlin

2010 - collective exhibition: Berlin

2013 -

2014 - ongoing: promotion and sales of own art

2017 - contract work in St. Helena, California - ongoing

2018 - solo exhibition Munich, Germany; Editorial work, Fallstaff

2019 - contract work in St. Helena, California; ongoing

2019 - rebuilding Casoli - the magic of a former artists retreat presented in a new light